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Poster session (en)

  1. pyMagma: a matrix algebra library for GPU computing in Python by Alice Invernizzi
  2. Kivy, a framework for touch-based devices by Mathieu Virbel
  3. Stackless Python Persistance by Christian Tismer
  4. MongoDB and Python Poster by Ross Lawley
  5. The Pyramid Web Framework: Not Built by Aliens! by Arndt Droullier
  6. From biological samples to data analyses by Vittorio Zamboni Alessandro Gervaso
  7. The TurboGears2 Web Framework by Alessandro Molina
  8. Camelot by Jeroen Dierckx
  9. BOS - rebuilding an academic survey service in python by Ed Crewe
  10. Windows 64 for PyPy by Christian Tismer
  11. Making of the PSF Python Brochure by Marc-André Lemburg
  12. The Python Software Verband e.V. by Jan Ulrich Hasecke
  13. Scalable Clone Detection with AppEngine and MapReduce by Valerio Maggio
  14. Automating clinical processes from hardware to end-user applications: with Python you can! by Vittorio Meloni
  15. An efficient GIS allows a complete regional management and makes it easy! by Rosario Savarese
  16. Plone: The Preeminent Python CMS for a Decade by Matt Hamilton
  17. Online 360 feedback by Viktorija Zaksiene

Talk (en)

  1. PyPy: current status and GIL-less future by Armin Rigo Antonio Cuni Maciej Fijalkowski
  2. Python White Magic by Antonio Cuni
  3. PyPy JIT under the hood by Armin Rigo Antonio Cuni
  4. concurrent.futures is here by Andrew Dalke
  5. Programming Mobile Apps with Python by Andreas Schreiber
  6. Lessons in Testing by David Cramer
  7. The Story Of Stackless Python by Christian Tismer Armin Rigo
  8. Python and Arduino: a tale of snakes and kings by Davide Corio Alessandro Pasotti
  9. sys._current_frames(): take real-time X-rays of your software for fun and performance by Leonardo Rochael Almeida
  10. Making DISQUS realtime by Adam Hitchcock
  11. Language alone won't pay your bills by Alan Franzoni
  12. Diving into Flask (head on) by Andrii Mishkovskyi
  13. Python without filesystem by Arnaud Fontaine
  14. What I learned from big web app deployments by Christian Theune
  15. becoming a better programmer by Harald Armin Massa
  16. Django Under Massive Loads by Christophe Pettus
  17. Music Theory, Genetic Algorithms and Python by Nicholas Tollervey
  18. Going massive with uWSGI and nginx by Roberto De Ioris
  19. Some tricks for incremental refactoring of Python Code. by Steve Barnes
  20. Minimalism in software development, or why you should do less by Fredrik Håård
  21. Multi-document consistency with MongoDB by Anders Hammarquist
  22. Guidelines to writing a Python API by George Peristerakis
  23. Understanding Encodings by Ezio Melotti
  24. Practical guide to kill optimization, testing and other sw. project beasts by Fabio Pliger
  25. HotPy (2) - A High Performance Binary-Compatible Virtual Machine for Python by Mark Shannon
  26. Aspect oriented programming applied to dictionary trees by Florian Friesdorf
  27. Advanced Flask Patterns by Armin Ronacher
  28. Complex and Social Network Analysis in Python by Enrico Franchi
  29. Tornado in depth by Òscar Vilaplana
  30. Some Experiences with Python-For-Android (Py4A) by Nik Klever
  31. Building huge sites with MongoDB and Python by Mark Ramm
  32. Discovering Descriptors by Peter Inglesby
  33. Developing RESTful Web APIs with Python, Flask and MongoDB by Nicola Iarocci
  34. Unified debugging of mixed mode Python applications by Chetan Giridhar Vishal Kanaujia
  35. Introduction to Number Crunching by Enrico Franchi Valerio Maggio
  36. 'FUSE'ing Python for rapid development of storage efficient file-system by Chetan Giridhar Vishal Kanaujia
  37. How Brazil is building a digital nation with open source and Python by Erico Andrei
  38. Health for geeks: feel better, save money, live longer by being lazy by Nicola Larosa
  39. Building an Advanced Python Installation for Linux and Windows by Anselm Kruis
  40. Fully-versioned, distributed object persistence by Malthe Borch
  41. In search of reduced loading times by Apostolis Bessas
  42. Nuitka - The Python Compiler by Kay Hayen
  43. PostSQL - using PostgreSQL as a better NoSQL by Hannu Krosing
  44. Building complex, scalable systems on Python and AWS by Jens de Smit
  45. How Did You Do That? Or: How a Non-developer Snuck Python Into a Large Organization by Michael Pedersen
  46. How to bootstrap a startup using Django by Jannis Leidel Philipp Wassibauer
  47. Performance analysis tools for JITted VMs by Maciej Fijalkowski
  48. Building C++ APIs on Python by Austin Bingham
  49. Going International by Apostolis Bessas
  50. Method restrictions (abstract, final, @Override etc.) and implementing them for Python by Péter Szabó
  51. Getting the logging module to do your bidding by Mike Sandford
  52. pyrun - The one file Python runtime environment by Marc-André Lemburg
  53. Protocol specifications written in Python by Fredrik Håård
  54. Big A Little i (Practical Artificial Intelligence in Python) by Tendayi Mawushe
  55. Using Sockets in Python by Floris Bruynooghe
  56. Juju - Service Orchestration and Deployment by James Page
  57. RestFS the next generation Cloud Storage by fabrizio manfredi Federico Mosca
  58. Full Text Search for Trac with Apache Solr by Alex Willmer
  59. Python is Faster Than FORTRAN by Mike Müller
  60. Python in banking systems by Maciek Dziergwa
  61. Simulating network devices with python by Matias Torchinsky
  62. PyPedia: A python development environment on a wiki by Alexandros Kanterakis
  63. Increasing Women Engagement in the Python Community by Lynn Root
  64. A Laboratory Notebook System by Andreas Schreiber
  65. Reproducible installation of applications using zc.buildout by Thomas Lotze
  66. Seamless integration of Python and PostgreSQL by Hannu Krosing
  67. Supercharging C++ Code with Embedded Python by Michael Fötsch
  68. The integrator's guide to duct-taping by Simone Deponti
  69. Fast Data Mining with PyTables and pandas by Yves Hilpisch
  70. Aircraft Design and an Engineer's Approach to Software Testing! by Daniel Böhnke
  71. Let's play with Python and OpenCV by Omar Trinidad Gutiérrez Méndez
  72. Insane facts about OpenStack by Thierry Carrez
  73. Experimental Product Design with Python (Lean Startup) by Mark Ramm
  74. Creating federated authorisation for a Django survey system by Ed Crewe
  75. OpenGL and Python on computer and embed devices by Mathieu Virbel
  76. Python web applications in multihost, low latency environments by Pavel Schön
  77. Recruiting Designers for Your Open Source Project by Bryan Veloso
  78. PySmbC - Python C modules are easy by Roberto Polli
  79. Cubes - Light-weight OLAP Framework and Server by Štefan Urbánek
  80. Beyond Clouds: Open Source Edge Computing in Python with SlapOS by Jean-Paul Smets
  81. Clone Detection in Python by Valerio Maggio
  82. Python for Startups by Peter Harris
  83. Slew library: GUIs made easy by Angelo Mottola
  84. Improving Python performance with JET-based approach by Jack DaSnake
  85. HeavyBASE: a Python peer-to-peer database for clinical trials and biobanks by Luca Clivio
  86. How to set proprietary geospatial data free with GDAL/OGR and Proj4 by Alessandro Amici
  87. Making Enterprise Applications Scale Today and Tomorrow: a Test Driven Approach by Sébastien Robin
  88. Composite Key is ready for Django 1.4 by Simone Federici Michal Petrucha
  89. Converting the Open End Eutaxia backend from Postgresql to MongoDB by Anders Hammarquist
  90. using u1db: the ubuntu one synchronized database by Lucio Torre
  91. Behaviour Driven Development at BSkyB by Russell Sherwood David Sale
  92. LFS - An online shop based on Django by Kai Diefenbach
  93. Deploy services like a boss with Juju by Muharem Hrnjadovic
  94. Kotti: a powerful Pythonic web framework and CMS based on Pyramid and SQLAlchemy by Daniel Nouri
  95. pyRserve - a network bridge from Python to R (for statistical computing) by Ralph Heinkel
  96. Building a full featured Python Web Application in 10 minutes with TurboGears2 pluggable extensions by Alessandro Molina
  97. An Aerospace Open Source Software Portal by Andreas Schreiber
  98. QAT: an extensible software Quality Assurance Toolkit by Matteo Balasso
  99. SlapOS vs Juju: Deploying your Python-WSGI application on the cloud by Leonardo Rochael Almeida
  100. Writing a django e-commerce framework by David Winterbottom
  101. It's all about the Benjamins by Bea Düring
  102. OpenERP 6.1, how to develop business software by Davide Corio
  103. From Chaos to Success by Raúl Cumplido
  104. Use of Python in a Chemical Laboratory by Stefan Müller
  105. Rapid Financial Engineering with Python by Yves Hilpisch
  106. Database Abstracted Applications with Sprox by Alessandro Molina
  107. Solid as Zope, clean as Plone, easier than Django: Plomino by Eric Bréhault
  108. NEO: distributed transactional database by Vincent Pelletier
  109. Plone and ecommerce: an integration success story by Alessandro Pisa
  110. Managing custom software projects with standard OSS tools by Marc-André Lemburg
  111. PS Move API: Fun with motion controllers and glowing orbs by Thomas Perl
  112. Further neck and shoulder massage training by Rob Collins
  113. (Mostly) Automated GUI Testing for wxPython by Łukasz Jancewicz Łukasz Sznuk
  114. Bringing Perl compatible regular expressions to Python by Stefan Talpalaru
  115. building u1db by Lucio Torre
  116. Introduction: New Pyramid based CMS Poolyx by Arndt Droullier
  117. Implementing, validating and documenting flat data interfaces with cutplace by Thomas Aglassinger
  118. Product Pricing in Python at BSkyB by Rob Collins
  119. Diazo: The Power of Python to Theme any Website by Matt Hamilton
  120. ODF Scripting by Omar Trinidad Gutiérrez Méndez
  121. pygame - something interesting by Rene Dudfield
  122. Porting a web application from AppEngine by Péter Szabó
  123. A data hub for coders by Francis Irving Julian Todd
  124. A Conceptual Framework for Maths and Science E-learning using Python environment by Swarandeep Singh Kambo
  125. A Plone to call your own by Erico Andrei
  126. Plone: The Preeminent Python CMS for Over a Decade by Matt Hamilton
  127. Open ERP and GIS by Vincenzo Barone
  128. Evaluation: an advanced, Plone-based questionnaire evaluation system by Simone Orsi
  129. Deco - new layout editor in Plone by Rok Garbas
  130. OpenERP Configurator by Matteo Boscolo
  131. OpenERP PLM The open Plm Solution Based on OpenERP by Matteo Boscolo
  132. Theming with Plone and Diazo by Rigel Di Scala

Talk (it)

  1. Python e Arduino: una storia di serpenti e re by Davide Corio Alessandro Pasotti
  2. Esageriamo con uWSGI e Nginx by Roberto De Ioris
  3. Understanding encodings by Ezio Melotti
  4. Sviluppare una RESTful Web API con Python, Flask e MongoDB by Nicola Iarocci
  5. Obidire alla capra! TDD con Python i Selenium by Harry Percival
  6. Python + Qt + MySQL = Konga ERP by Fabrizio Toso
  7. Google Apps loves Python? by Simone Dalla
  8. Usiamo la api di uWSGI per scrivere applicazioni meno noiose by Roberto De Ioris
  9. La salute per i geek: stai meglio, risparmia, vivi a lungo tramite la pigrizia by Nicola Larosa
  10. Come "liberare" i dati catastali in formato CXF con GDAL/OGR e Proj4 by Alessandro Amici
  11. Scegliere con saggezza il proprio WSGI server by Roberto De Ioris
  12. Costruire applicazioni web complesse con le pluggable applications di TurboGears2 in pochi minuti by Alessandro Molina
  13. Content Management professionale con Python nel 2012 by Maurizio Delmonte
  14. Non solo Django: MVC orientato ai contenuti con Plone e Zope Toolkit by Maurizio Delmonte
  15. OpenERP 6.1, come progettare applicazioni business by Davide Corio
  16. Open ERP e GIS by Vincenzo Barone
  17. Aggiungere a Python il supporto per espressioni regolari compatibili con Perl by Stefan Talpalaru
  18. Evaluation: un sistema avanzato di gestione e valutazione dei questionari basato su Plone by Simone Orsi
  19. Creare temi grafici per il Web con Plone e Diazo by Rigel Di Scala
  20. Tabelle e Maschere veloci con MMlib e wxpython by Marco Muratore

Training (en)

  1. Faster Python Programs through Optimization by Mike Müller
  2. Dark corners of the Standard Library by Fredrik Håård
  3. Developing Android Apps completely in Python by Thomas Perl
  4. JavaScript for Pythonistas by Radomir Dopieralski
  5. Fully Test-Driven Django with Selenium by Harry Percival
  6. A hands-on introduction to software testing by Federico Caboni
  7. Twisted Tutorial by Stephen Thorne
  8. Functional functional programming in Python and even Haskell by Semen Trygubenko
  9. Camelot 101 by Jeroen Dierckx Antonio Cuni
  10. MongoDB and Python by Ross Lawley
  11. Hands on with PyGame by Radomir Dopieralski
  12. PostgreSQL for Python Developers by Christophe Pettus
  13. Writing a Pyramid application by Daniel Nouri
  14. Practical interactive development with Panda3D by Claudio Desideri
  15. Python for Finance by Yves Hilpisch
  16. Slicing and Dicing with Cubes - Light-weight OLAP Framework and Server by Štefan Urbánek
  17. building the garage: back-end for a mobile app by Marco Paolini Nebil Kriedi
  18. Introduction to CouchDB by Stefan Kögl
  19. Taking your Python WSGI application to the clouds with SlapOS by Leonardo Rochael Almeida
  20. web2py tutorial by Massimo Di Pierro
  21. Practical web scraping with Python by Francis Irving Julian Todd
  22. Creating products for Plone 4.1 by Rigel Di Scala
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