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EuroPython - Frequently Asked Question

What is EuroPython?

EuroPython is the most important conference about the Python programming language in Europe. You an find a complete list of conference meeting on EuroPython site.

Who is organizing the conference?

EuroPython 2012 is organized by Python Italia APS, a no-profit social promotion company, with contributions from Python Software Foundation and the patronage of the Florence municipality.

What are the activities Python Italia is involved in?

At present, the only activity of Python Italia is the yearly organization of EuroPython. In the next future, the association might get busy with other Python promotion activities.

When and where is the conference held?

EuroPython has been held yearly in many different location since 2002. In 2012, EuroPython will be held in Florence, on July 2nd-8th. To stay up-to-date follow the blog or subscribe to the newsletter.

Why in Florence?

Florence is easily reached thanks to nearby airports (Florence, Pisa, Bologna, Rome) and train (1:40 from Milan, 1:30 from Rome). Moreover, being Florence a turistic city, attendees have the chance to match the conference with a weekend in one of the most important art cities of the world. Lastly, even if organizers are from a number of Italian cities, many of them are located around Florence and can better take care of all the logistics.

Why do sponsors fund the conference?

Briefly said, because it is a good investment. Sponsors are able to promote their brand thanks to the EuroPython website geting lots of visits during the year, and boasting a 7/10 Google Rank. Moreover, sponsors looking for programmers get the chance, during the recruiting sessions, to meet skilled professionals looking for employment. Lastly, a company wishing to promote a Python related service or product may deliver a sponsored talk about their technology.

My company is interested in sponsoring EuroPython. What should I do?

See the sponsor page or write to .

I need to get a visa / permit to enter Italy and they ask me for an invitation letter from the conference organizers

We are happy to help you to obtain your permit and to prepare an invitation letter. Please, buy a conference ticket, and then contact us by writing to .

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