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Poster session

We are glad to introduce a poster session at EuroPython for the first time, to provide an alternative and innovative way to discuss and share your experiences with other people.

What is a poster session?

It is an innovative way to present your projects and your know-how at a conference just like you were chatting with a group of people, without having to prepare a full talk with slides and everything.

What you need to prepare is a poster that explains your project: the poster will be printed in a large format and will be exhibited in a special room during EuroPython. People will wander through the poster room whenever they feel like it, and get acquainted with the projects.

The schedule will then include a specific poster session, where poster authors will be available next to their posters to discuss details with interested parties. It is a free face to face discussion, just like a normal Q&A chat you can do with someone at the event. You don't need to be a good public speaker; in fact, you just need to chat with people interested in your projects, and use the poster as a way to better explain it graphically.

An example of poster session at a conference

Should I prepare a talk or a poster?

That's up to you. A poster is well-suited if you don't feel to have enough material for a full blown talk. Maybe you just want to describe an idea of yours, or a project you are working on, but preparing a 30 minutes talk seems overwhelming. Maybe you just don't like speaking in public. If this is the case, just prepare a poster!

Posters will go through the standard call for proposal submission process. Technical details on poster preparation and printing will be online soon; we will take care of printing the posters, so you just will have to prepare them in digital format.

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