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Twisted Tutorial

by Stephen Thorne for EuroPython 2012

Twisted is one of the best asynchronous network programming frameworks out there, and can help you build cool stuff very easily, once you understand the core design.

Unfortunately, Twisted is also a huge framework and can be very daunting for beginners to approach. This training session aims to help people with little or no asynchronous programming experience understand both Twisted and asynchronous programming. The plan is to cover core asynchronous topics, the Twisted way, and as many practical applications as we can cover, including web services, IPC, GUI applications etc.

The audience should be competent in core Python constructs. No previous asynchronous or threading programming experience required.

This is a repeat of the popular EuroPython 2011 Twisted Tutorial, improved after feedback.

in on Thursday 5 July at 09:00 See schedule


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240 minutes

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