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Python(x,y): diving into scientific Python

by Vincent Noel for EuroPython 2011

This training session will introduce the Python scientific stack to beginner or intermediate-level Python programmers. The basics of scientific programming with Python will be presented:

  • creation of arrays and structured arrays using numpy
  • fast, loopless manipulation of numpy arrays through fancy indexing and vectorized functions
  • convenient saving/loading of array variables using numpy
  • improved interactive use through ipython
  • data analysis using various scipy modules (signal analysis, image classification, etc)
  • plotting large time series, histograms, scatterplots, images etc. using matplotlib
  • saving/loading large datasets in structured scientific formats such as netCDF, HDF (depending on interest)

These concepts will be used in coding exercises, in the programming environnement provided by the Python(x,y) distribution, which is freely downloadable and includes recent versions of Python, numpy and matplotlib. The Python(x,y) distribution runs on Windows, which will be the OS of choice for this session. You should still be able to follow the examples in other Python distributions, e.g. EPD.

The entire talk (PDF), code samples and data files can be downloaded from the following archive




  1. Gravatar
    What about linux users? Is it enough to have python, numpy, scipy, ipython and matplotlib installed to attend this workshop?
  2. Gravatar
    Most of the content should be pretty cross-platform, so you should be able to apply the presented knowledge on Linux. I can't certify that the examples provided will work though.

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240 minutes
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