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Python for Finance

by Yves Hilpisch for EuroPython 2012

This training is about the efficient implementation of tasks and algorithms typically encountered in financial settings (e.g. trading, investing, portfolio and risk management, derivatives analytics). Topics include:

1) Libraries useful for financial applications 2) Convenient data structures for finance 3) Data gathering from the Web 4) Data crunching in-memory and out-of-memory 5) Discounting cash flows in Python 6) Simulation and valuation algorithms in Python 7) Optimization in Python 8) Visualization of time series and other data

The goal is to introduce Python as very useful language and environment for the rapid development of financial applications. To follow the training and to use the code provided you should have installed (at least) Python 2.7.x, IPython, SciPy, PyTables, pandas.

in on Friday 6 July at 09:00 See schedule



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240 minutes

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