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Python + Oracle = Prosperity & Performance

by Todd Trichler for EuroPython 2011

Have you ever wanted or perhaps needed to access data stored in a corporate Oracle database from within your Python environment?

This session will help developers get up and running using Python with Oracle: - Learn the basics of working with cx_Oracle - Learn how to use VirtualBox to set up a Python & Oracle test and developement environment. - Discover features within Oracle that you can use to build more performant python based applications. - Leave with all the resources you need to certify your python app to run against a production Oracle11gR2 database, or hone those skills for the next job. - Get a quick intro to Oracle Linux along the way.

No prior experience with Oracle is required, some basic understanding of databases would be helpful.

Look forward to meeting you @ EuroPython 2011 - Todd



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240 minutes
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