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OpenGL and Python on computer and embed devices

by Mathieu Virbel for EuroPython 2012

Have you already dreamed about building a Python application that could run on your computer, android tablet and your iphone? Without changing a single line of your code? Have you ever been stuck when you wanted to do multitouch stuff on multiple platform? Kivy have been designed for running on various platform, and hide the complexity of each platform.

This talk will show how Kivy have been designed to use the latest technology in OpenGL, Cython, to be able to run on embed devices. Then we’ll share how to create your first Kivy application, and how you can handle different usage in one place. We’ll also share some success story on how peoples are using it in Museum, Center for disabled, City, Gaming, Theaters etc.

in on Friday 6 July at 15:30 See schedule



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