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Diving into Flask (head on)

by Andrii Mishkovskyi for EuroPython 2012

About the talk

What is Flask? Is it any better than Django? Can I use Flask on Google AppEngine? Fortunately, during the course of this talk I will not have to answer any of these questions. This talk is a showcase of our experience with using Flask to build flexible and scalable web service and it focuses strongly on Flask and Flask extensions’ internals.

Who should come to this talk

Basically anybody who’s looking to invest into learning Flask or already started using Flask. Even though this talk focuses strongly on Flask-related topics, it also raises important points relevant to any web development framework or library.


  • Introduction
    • What we’re building
    • Why we chose Flask
  • Flask
    • RESTful APIs and Flask.route()
    • Scaling
  • Exploring Flask-Celery
    • Monitoring
    • Celery logging: Oh, my!
    • Scaling Celery
  • Flask-SQLAlchemy
    • Migrations
    • Sharding and master/slave setup
    • Celery and SQLAlchemy: unexpected issues
  • Performance analysis
    • Using werkzeug’s profiler
    • Integrating with statsd
    • Investigating cache usage patterns
  • Summary

in on Tuesday 3 July at 12:15 See schedule


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