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Guidelines to writing a Python API

by George Peristerakis for EuroPython 2012

The talk will address the design and implementation of APIs using Python. The goal is show how Python can help design clean and consist API from the engineering point of view. The talk will be divided into 3 parts. 1. The motivation behind writing a API. 2. Show design patterns that help design the foundations of an API 3. Show an example of building an API (e-commerce module)

in on Thursday 5 July at 12:15 See schedule



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    Ecommerce sites sell products online and offer to their customers these web payment options via PayPal, credit cards, or online banking. And so, their website host must have the capacity to provide not only software to manage the site's contents, but also software that manages the shopping cart system, online payment processing, and customer information security. Without back-end support for these functions, Internet business might find it difficult to handle large numbers of orders every day, especially when the process also requires parallel requests to an international freight service for door-to-door deliveries.
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    Because ecommerce sites mostly process financial transactions over the Internet, they need a merchant account, which allows them to process credit cards and transfer funds between banks. If ecommerce businesses don't have a merchant account, then they'll need a payment gateway, such as PayPal, that can process credit card payments or Internet banking transactions with high-end security measures.

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