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Fully-versioned, distributed object persistence

by Malthe Borch for EuroPython 2012

Traditionally, object persistence systems use a lot of memory, and n-fold that when threads are involved. Further, the role division has typically been “thin server” where most of the work – queries in particular – is done on the client.

I describe a “next-generation”, fully-versioned, distributed object persistence system for Python that reduces memory usage per process to that of a single thread without a significant increase in I/O and shifts database query responsibility to the server.

To motivate and provide additional context, I’ll briefly outline a history of object persistence with Python, argue how this storage strategy is a natural fit for Python programs and discuss what’s needed in order for it to scale.

Benchmarks and results from a prototype written entirely in Python will be presented towards the end of the talk.

in on Friday 6 July at 15:30 See schedule


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