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Building complex, scalable systems on Python and AWS

by Jens de Smit for EuroPython 2012

This talk shows how Layar uses Python to create the backend of its augmented reality clients Layar and Stiktu. The overall architecture includes the mobile device APIs, third party APIs, maintenance environment, visual search engine, image analyzers and usage analytics platform. See how Django applications, Twisted applications, in-house and third party binaries are connected through REST interfaces, Amazon SQS, S3 and RDS.

The talk explains which challenges Layar’s systems face and how they are addressed. Topics will cover scalability, reliability, responsiveness and how to use decoupling and fragmentation of functionality to keep a growing system maintainable. The talk will also give appropriate praise to the role of Python in making this all happen. Part of the talk will also cover the limitations and opportunities of working with Amazon AWS.

in on Friday 6 July at 11:15 See schedule


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