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Roberto Polli

Roberto Polli

linux, math, c, python
Technical interests
e-gov, git, linux, tdd, servers, ubuntu, java, clustering, mysql, design, architecture, open-source, social, FunctionalProgramming, appengine
p.zza s. Benedetto Da Norcia, 00040 Pomezia (RM), Italia
Babel srl
Job title
Community Manager
Company web site

Quick Bio

Roberto works at Babel, migrating big mail infrastructures to open solutions. Develops in Python, C and Java to foster communities around various FLOSS, trying to bring both social and IT innovation.

He's a Red Hat Certified Engineer, but loves maintaining free software, including the caldav java library: caldav4j.

A life ago he took a Math degree, and he's really proud of it.

Roberto Polli’s Talks

PySmbC - Python C modules are easy
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