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Nicola Iarocci

Nicola Iarocci

"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”- T.S. Eliot
Technical interests
mongodb, html, nosql, javascript, api, flask, REST, git
Ravenna, Italy
Bisanzio Software Srl and CIR 2000
Job title
Lead developer
Company web site

Quick Bio

Founder of Bisanzio Software SRL and CIR2000, Nicola has been an avid coder since he was a teen, back in the mid '80s. Lead developer for the 'Amica 10' product line, an accounting software platform for italian small businesses, Nicola is proficient with Python, JavaScript, C# and the .NET Framework. On the database side of things, his expertise ranges from MongoDB to SQL Server. He operates several cloud applications and services hosted on Amazon AWS, Heroku and Google App Engine. He sometimes get a chance to wear his Speaker Hat. As of late, having been able to sneak Python into his own companies tech stacks has been his major accomplishment.

Nicola Iarocci’s Talks

Developing RESTful Web APIs with Python, Flask and MongoDB
Sviluppare una RESTful Web API con Python, Flask e MongoDB
Sviluppare una RESTful Web API con Python, Flask e MongoDB 2
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