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Mike Müller

Mike Müller

Python trainer
Technical interests
education, best-practices, iPython, twisted, numpy, numeric, cython, software-engineering, tutorial, refactoring, flask, performance, sqlalchemy, optimization, principles, scientific-computing, testing
Python Academy
Job title
Company web site

Quick Bio

Mike Müller, Ph.D. has been using Python as his primary programming language since 1999. He is Python Trainer and CEO at Python Academy ( He teaches a wide variety of Python topics including "Introduction to Python", "Python for Scientists and Engineers", "Advanced Python", "Optimization and Extensions of Python Programs" as well as "Software Engineering with Python". He taught 12 tutorials at PyCon US and many hundred course days over the last six years.

He is a PSF member, member of the Python Software Verband e.V., co-founder of the Leipzig Python User Group, was the lead organizer of the workshop "Python in German Speaking Countries" in 2006 and 2007, main organizer of the first two EuroSciPy Conference in 2008 and 2009, Chair of PyCon DE 2011, the first German PyCon, and is chairing PyCon DE 2012.

Mike Müller’s Talks

Faster Python Programs through Optimization
Python is Faster Than FORTRAN
Advanced Python
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