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Marc Garcia

Marc Garcia

NTT Europe
Job title
Senior programmer
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Quick Bio

<p>Marc Garcia has been using Python in a wide variety of projects and environments since 2006.</p>

<p>He has been especially focused on Django, being an active member of the community. His main contributions include the Spanish localflavor, and a set of improvements to i18n as part of the Google Summer of Code project. He is also the author of packages like <a href="">django-stdimage</a> for advanced image handling, and <a href="">django-transmeta</a> for translatable content support.</p>

<p>He is the founder of <a href=""></a>, one of the most important massage websites in Spain, which is written in the Python version of Google App Engine.</p>

<p>Currently, Marc works as a senior programmer for NTT in Barcelona. He is also the maintainer of <a href="">Viri</a>, an application to ease the management of large sets of computers.</p>

Marc Garcia’s Talks

Remote execution of Python scripts using Viri
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