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Fredrik Håård

Fredrik Håård

Technical interests
Softhouse Consulting
Job title
Developer et al.
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Quick Bio

Fredrik Håård is a partner and specialist at Softhouse Consulting as well as co-founder and head developer at Visual Units, a Swedish company creating support tools for logistics.

In addition to working as a developer, designer, and general troubleshooter, Fredrik holds courses and workshops in Python, Mercurial and Git and has given lectures in Python at Blekinge Institute of Technology. He has also held talks on minimalism in software development and on the benefits of Python in agile development. The common theme of his talks are minimalism and DIY as opposed to the proliferation of frameworks and off-the-shelf solutions.

Fredrik believes that while process might be important, technology is important and interesting. A technophile and minimalist, he revels in solving problems in elegant ways while using minimal effort. He runs a Python blog at

Fredrik Håård’s Talks

Protocol specifications written in Python
Minimalism in software development, or why you should do less
Dark corners of the Standard Library
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