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Fabrizio Toso

Fabrizio Toso

Roma - Italy
Converge Spa
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Fabrizio Toso has been developing software since 1985 and often asks himself if this fact qualifies him as an "expert" or an "old fogey" of information technology. He was part of the original team that developed the first Italian accounting software for the Macintosh and has taken the project from the then 128KB RAM to the current 4GB. After having used several programming languages, he has, over the last few years, discovered the power of Python and free software. He is currently employed by Converge SpA where he is the director of its EASYBYTE Software division.

Fabrizio Toso sviluppa software dal 1985 e si domanda spesso se questo lo qualifichi automaticamente come un "esperto" o un "matusa" dell'IT. Ha partecipato allo sviluppo del primo software di gestione aziendale per Macintosh, accompagnando il progetto dai 128KB RAM di allora ai 2GB odierni. Dopo aver frequentato diversi linguaggi di programmazione, negli ultimi anni ha scoperto le potenzialità di Python e del software libero. Attualmente lavora in Converge SpA dove dirige la divisione EASYBYTE Software.

Fabrizio Toso’s Talks

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