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Erico Andrei

Erico Andrei

Technical interests
community, CMS, selenium, buildout, performance, plone
São Paulo, Brazil
Simples Consultoria
Job title
Company web site

Quick Bio

After some time evagelizing for the Dark Side™, Érico Andrei discovered Python and improved his karma. Over the last 8 years he is working with the Brazilian Python community, hosted 2 Plone Symposiums and in 2011 he was PythonBrasil (local Pycon) chair. Érico is a member of the Plone Foundation, being elected a board member for the 2011-2012 period. Also, on the side, he co-founded Simples Consultoria, a Brazilian consulting company specialized on content and knowledge management.

Erico Andrei’s Talks

How Brazil is building a digital nation with open source and Python
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