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Alessandro Amici

Alessandro Amici

Enthusiasm matters
Technical interests
pyramid, sqlalchemy, gis, plone, geospatial
Rome, Italy
B-Open Solutions
Job title
Company web site

Quick Bio

Alessandro serves as CTO and head of software engineering at B-Open Solutions (Rome, Italy), a software consulting company he co-founded in 2004, that develops geospatial solutions with Open Source Software.

Prior to joining B-Open Alessandro was a remote sensing and GIS specialist in the Earth Observation R&D team at Telespazio SpA, a Finmeccanica company. In his free time he participated to a number of Open Source Software projects as a volunteer developer with commit access to GDAL and RivaTV source code.

Alessandro Amici’s Talks

Come "liberare" i dati catastali in formato CXF con GDAL/OGR e Proj4
How to set proprietary geospatial data free with GDAL/OGR and Proj4
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