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Coding Competitions

Good at coding? Fast at hacking? Show off your skills, join our coding competitions, and win fantastic prizes!

Python Challenge - Tuesday 3rd, 21:00

Unleash your Python powers by making your way through several riddles and puzzles, trying to reach the final solution! If you were intrigued by the official Python Challenge on the web, this EuroPython version (designed by Marco Beri) is what you were waiting for to continue the fun!

The first to solve the final level will be awarded a Macbook laptop! But we have a couple of other prizes for the second and the third ranked, so stay focused!

No registration required! Just come at 9pm in Track Pizza Margherita! We will be waiting for you!

Google EuroPython Code Jam - Thursday 5th, 21:00

Join Google's sponsored programming competition, solving easy-to-hard computer algorithms with the power of Python at your finger tips. Code fast and submit your solutions! The winners will be awarded with fantastic prizes!

Registration is required; there is no signup fee, and any EuroPythoner with the badge and a laptop can join the competition. After registration, you can start practicing online with older contests, to get familiar with the platform.

NOTE: This contest at EuroPython is not related in any way to the world-wide Code Jam competition that it is going on in these weeks. We just agreed with Google to use their platform for an in-conference tournament.

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