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Ask your BDFL: submit questions for Q&A session with Guido

On Monday 2nd, 17:15, we will be running a special Q&A session with Guido van Rossum, our benevolent dictator for life.

The session will last 1 hour, and to make sure to maximize it with relevant questions we will be using Google Moderator as a tool for handling question submission, voting and moderation. Google Moderator allows everybody to submit questions, vote questions submit from other, and sort questions by voting.

You can start submitting questions even now, though of course we will keep the question serie open during the session as well.

Google Moderator requires a Google account, and questions will be associated to your name; there is an option to submit questions anonymously, but you are still required to be logged in with a Google account. if you are not willing to use one, you are welcome to send questions by email to and we will insert them into Google Moderator for you; in this case, you will not be able to vote, though.

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26 June 2012


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