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7 days, 5 simultaneous tracks and 100+ talks are awaiting you at EuroPython! Did someone say Guido?

The subject says it all ... but look at the first day:

  • Guido Van Rossum will be with us!

We just received the confirmation and we thought it is important to tell everyone at once!

Guido's keynote at EuroPython 2012 will be: Not the State of the Python Union

Browse the schedule and "star" your favorites talks

Start browsing the schedule now and see what talks have made it thanks to the community voting.

As usual, providing a way to guide delegates through the conference and help them not miss any event they like is our top priority.

Thanks to a brand new navigation panel, you will be able to:

  • Filter talks by type (training, partner program, sprint)
  • Jump to a specific day schedule
  • Put your preferred talks in MySchedule

Then you can turn on/off tracks that you are interested into (like the Italian track if you don't speak italian); after login, you will have the star buttons at your disposal to quickly like the talks, and a my schedule view that only show the talks that you like.

Did you join the talk voting? If so, your vote will appear next to each talk, to makes it even easier to find what you like most.

It's all a bit in beta right now, but rest assured that we will keep working on it in the next few days. If you find bugs, report them directly in the chat or by e-mail.

Book a Training

Reservation is not mandatory, but we will obviously give precedence to people that have a reservation; if the training is full (no seats left) and you do not have a reservation, you might be unable to attend the training. This is why we suggest that you book your trainings in advance, to make sure that you don't miss them.

You can book the trainings you want to attend, directly from the schedule (click on the training, and then click on the "Book" button).

Remember: Access to trainings is limited to people that bought a standard ticket; lite tickets do not provide access to trainings.

What is missing

We need another week or so to sort out the final details on:

  • Sprints: we will concentrate on organizing the sprints starting tomorrow. For people that need to know their exact schedule for travel arrangements, we plan to have sprints during the whole Saturday and Sunday, starting at 9:00 and ending at 19:00. More details in next weeks.
  • Evening events: don't believe the schedule that says "Finish" at 19:30, we will have great evening events even later in the evening, for those who can't really miss a single drop of EuroPython! We are really looking forward to announce them, so stay tuned!

We really hope that you will like our schedule browser!

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19 April 2012
scheduleguido van rossum


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