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Getting fun in the evening: the PyEvents!

As previously announced, we are unveiling today the PyEvents! Have fun with our socializing meetups and coding competitions!

We have prepared a dedicated page that lists all the social events for the evening and we are in progress of updating the schedule to reflect them as well.

In addition to the PyFiorentina conference dinner (by the way, remember to book it!), you are welcome to join the PyBeer, for which we arranged a special convention with a local pub. And on Friday 24th, don't miss the fireworks made by the city of Florence for his patron festivity!

But if coding and Python it's what you are all about, we have two Python coding competitions, with wonderful prizes (such as, Android smartphones!): the EuroPython Google Code Jam and the Python Challenge. We will disclose more details about the rules in the following days. For now, just remember that they are free to join, and they require you to work on your laptop (we cannot supply computers and/or monitors to work on).

As usual, stay tuned!

We need your help!

If you got a ticket for EuroPython, please go to the schedule and mark the talks you are willing to follow by pressing the "like" button (after login); this is important for both the talks and the 4-hours hands-on trainings. It will help us arranging the rooms. Thanks!

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03 June 2011


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