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50 more tickets, get yours fast!

Through the internal auditing and some discussion with the hotel staff, we are confident to be able to handle about 50 more guests at the conference.

We are now reopening the registrations. We strongly suggest that you act fast and get your ticket as soon as possible. Given the current rate, we believe that these 50 tickets will be sold in less than 3 days.

If you got a ticket, we need your help!

Please, help us in the following ways. It will take 10 minutes of your time, and could be invaluable for a better conference for everybody:

  • Specify which days you will be present at the conference by editing your ticket. If you have a weekly ticket, you will still have access through the whole week, but marking the exact days of presence will help us selling more tickets and thus more people to enjoy the conference.
  • Go through the schedule and quickly mark with the "like" button all the talks that you might be interested in following, to help us matching physical rooms to tracks (and yes, we are already taking the community voting into account). We'll not enforce your "likes" on the schedule, so don't worry!

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02 June 2011


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