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EuroPython slight date change

Europython announces a new opening date (20th June) and big news in the conference agenda.

The start of the conference, at first scheduled on June 19th Sunday, has been delayed to the following day, June 20th, Monday in order to optimize the use of the available areas at Mediterraneo Conference Centre. The end-of-works date remains unchanged.

The shifting of the opening day to 20th June allows to hold the 5 Talk Sessions and the 2 Hands-On Training Sessions in the same days, June 20th-24th, while keeping the following weekend (June 25th and 26th) allocated for the sprints. Notice also that the partner program will start on June 18th, Saturday, the weekend before the conference, to let our delegates join their familiies in the tours without conflicts with the schedules.

Thanks to this change, this year delegates will be able not only to attend one of the 5 talks in 5 different tracks, but also join one of the very detailed 4-hours hands-on trainings, to gain a much better understanding on topics. Hands-on trainings will focus on actual source code examples (bringing your laptop is strongly suggested!) and are a better fit for people that prefer to get their hands dirty deep into the code!

The new EuroPython Agenda will be as below:

  • June 20th: Opening day of the conference. In the morning the keynote session will be held, with special guests soon to be announced.
  • June 20th to 24th: Regular conference, with up to 5 parallel tracks from morning to evening, and 2 parallel tracks for hands-on trainings.
  • June 25/26th: Coding Sprint. Two full days of quick hacking on Python core and libraries, with the guide of experienced developers.

This table should summarize the structure of EuroPython and how it will be laid out over the week:

    Keynotes Talks Trainings Sprints Partner Program
June 18th Sat.         Yes
June 19th Sun.         Yes
June 20th Mon. (A.M.) Plenary Room       Yes
June 20th Mon. (P.M.)   5 rooms 2 rooms   Yes
June 21st Tue.   5 rooms 2 rooms   Yes
June 22nd Wed.   5 rooms 2 rooms   Yes
June 23th Thu.   5 rooms 2 rooms   Yes
June 24th Fri.   5 rooms 2 rooms   Yes
June 25th Sat.       3 rooms Yes
June 26th Sun.       3 rooms Yes

Remind that, in addition to this blog and its RSS feed, you can follow us:

Let's start with the suggestions and ... start writing the dates on your calendar!

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    If I attempt to subscribe to this blog via RSS, it attempts to subscribe me to the PyCon Italia blog, not the Europython blog!
  2. Gravatar
    Hi Mark thanks for your report. Now the bug is fixed!

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16 February 2011


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