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Help Desk: call for runners

For the first time at EuroPython, the conference will feature a permanent Help Desk, a place where masters of a technology give practical support on it.

The Help Desk is thought to be run by EP attendees for EP attendees, so to encourage information exchange and networking during the conference.

We're in the defining phase of Help Desks, and we're looking for people interested in running one; here are some good reasons to run a help desk at EuroPython:

  • Self-promotion: by offering support on your favorite technology, you get a chance to spread word about your skills. You can distribute advertising material about your company or activity while you're running the help desk, and contacts with people you support can later turn into contracts.
  • Improve your skills: by discussing concrete problems with help desk attendees, you get to know interesting use cases for a technology and are encouraged to wrap your head around a problem to propose a solution, which might later prove itself useful in your own activity as well;
  • Secret reward: the EuroPython organization board has prepared a secret reward for each Help Desk runner...

Help Desk runners will be available at the designated desk for four hours, the duration of a Help Desk session. Each session is divided in 8 half an hour slots. Attendees will be able to book their slot for free on the EP website, so help desk runners will have a precise schedule of who's coming when at the time their session starts.

Please drop us a line at stating your technology of interest; we'll be in touch very soon.

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21 May 2012


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